Dear Uncle Robb, July 7, 1999

     I thought I would send you and Dad {Dakota) a picture taken of me on my third birthday on April 22.  You can see that your work with me has paid off.  I am waiting for the command to play with my new Kong toy.  However my owners say, "I don't always behave."  I try!  Sometimes, I get excited and jump on people.  If I want someone to pay attention to me, then I am very good at taking what belongs to others.

 How is dad? (Dakota)  I hope he is fine?  I just wanted all of  you to know that I am fine.  I will be coming to stay with you for a week while the people go on vacation.  Can I play with dad while I am there?  I will bring my cats as well.  They are fun to chase and other than that I don't know why they are around.

     Well, I will see you soon!  Thanks for all my training!

Your Buddy,


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