We offer programs that are designed for those people who will attend lessons with their pet.  

Program One:
Includes 4 private lessons where you and your pet work one on with the trainer
Edgefield offers three residency programs designed for owners who don't have time to devote to training of their pet.  Your pet stays with us for a number of days and is taught all the obedience commands.  You and you pet will return for follow-up lessons.  These lessons are designed to send home a well-trained, well-tested dog so the owner has less work to do.
Combination: The program teaches all the on-leash obedience commands in a five-day stay.  
10 Day Residence: This program teaches all the on-leash obedience commands in a ten day stay.   
Edgefield's TLC Lifetime Package:  The most exclusive program available for owners.  Your dog will learn all the basic commands ON and OFF the leash and is covered for the lifetime of the dog.
Personal Protection: Designed to teach capable dogs to protect their family and home.  Controlled defensive aggression is taught allowing for only self and family protection.  The dog will still be a wonder family pet.  Follow-up lessons are included, candidates are tested, and on-off leash obedience training is required. 

Handicap Assistance: Designed according to the individual situation.  Call for an appointment.

Search and Rescue (Tracking): Dogs are taught to find missing persons, alive or dead.  Dogs must have ability, and a sound basis in obedience.  The program includes a two week stay and 5 follow-up lessons.

Behavioral Counseling: Whether you want to work on you dog walking with you, or advice on housebreaking, individual counseling may be all you need.  


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